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Products information

Our products are handmade unique design by Indafam. We are based in Thailand "Land of smile" 

We have passionate about trend, fashion and handicraft. We also really like to wear the accessory in daily life. The jewelry or accessory, they don’t need to be expensive in our opinion but to follow the trend and fashion is not easy with a budget also. 

Our shop provides an incredible products full of techniques from many artisans in Thailand that will match your style. We made it with an intentions and dedication from our maker which has worth for the customer more than object value. 

From the reason above, is become to our inspiration to create own products and start to corporate to other artisans. 

We will happy/appreciate it if people love to wear our product and admire it, it also encourage our to keep work hard and create new design and good quality.

Everything of product we made with love and care also in up-cycle style in every single step and we hope this will make you happy with all of our handmade goods. 

For vintage item: please note that vintage fabrics are subject to changes as vintage fabrics can never be duplicated.